Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ogof Glan Hepste

A dive in Ogof Glan Hepste to try and get past a blockage and into the main Tucks rift sump. We can no longer use the Tucks rift entrance as access permission is no longer given. We want to get back into the main Tucks sump as we have a good dig at the end.
 Bernie working hard (land owner and a caver)
 Rangy with Nick and Brian

 Dry river bed for a change after a very wet winter.
 Entrance rift

 Dry passage to the sump

 Brian and Nick kitting up

 Sump pool

 Entrance behind the boulder on the left


Brian and Nick after a good dive. although the blockage was still there. We shall return to have another go via the Raining Rabbit entrance. 

All in all a good day (during the hotest day of the year so far) thanks to Nick and Brian for the effort. 

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