Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lisbon 2014

Lisbon 2014

A fun trip to the great city of Lisbon.

 Base rent it here: select this link



 On route to Cascais



Lisbon Trams

Home time

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wellhead resurgence and more

Wellhead resurgence and more.

With all the wet weather it was decided to look at a few sites in the Forest of Dean with prospects of a digging site.

                                                              Ever faithful Rangy
                                River high but looking at the flood debris it has been much higher. 

   On a past visit there was a sink against the bank taking water it now seems to have been filled 
                                                                 in by flood debris

                                                 Near by quarry with a small cave in it

                                                              Old shot hole in the quarry
                                             Footpath under the road to Wellhead resurgence.

                                                                           Entrance one

                           Entrance two has been dived for 2M to a slot that would need enlarging. 

                                                       Entrance three under the brambles


                                          Video of Wellhead (low quality)

                                   We may well return to look at the cave in the quarry.