Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cromhall Quarry

A dive at Cromhall Quarry to check out a new dry suit. The vis was OK at 8M ish and 14C temperature.

Video of Colin swimming around the camera :-)

Cromhall is a good site £10 to get in and 15M depth with parking next to the water.

For a link to the Cromhall dive centre look at:

Monday, September 1, 2008


The foam on the water from the recent flood.

Colin in the cascade between the lakes.

A wet day at DYO we had hoped to dive Pot sump and take pictures of the new cable for the show cave and to look at a sump that had some potential. In the end the cave proved far to wet so a quick look at Pot sump via the dry route was all we archived.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lot, France Cave diving 2008

On the way down

This was a trip by six of us, although only three divers/cavers. The base was to be Miers 10Km north of Gramat.

Base (Sue out side).

The house was great lots of room for us and the gear.

Me preparing the RB

Gear sorting with Colin.


Marcus gear sorting.

Igue hunting

Inside an Igue :-)

Air bell

Me in the Oiel de la Doue.

Sue who looks after the out of water issues :-)

Me of for a swim.

Cycling was also good.

Parc Animalier Gramat well worth a visit.


A very good trip we will be back very soon.