Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A cold walk to Gents

A winters trip to Gents cave South Wales.

The night time temperature had been down to -15C although it was a warmer -5C when we walked up to the cave :-) Once inside the cave it was a warm 10C the dig was checked and a few bits moved around.

                                                                     Gary on the walk up

                                                                            Near the dig

                                                           In the rifts to the T junction.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Malta November 2010

Malta November 2010

Once again a trip to get some autumn sun and Malta the choice again. We wanted to visit a few areas we did not see last time.
It was sunny around 23C in the day and a great trip.

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we were on the second floor, this is a non tourist bit of Malta so away from the hotels :-)
Base Misda, the owner David could not be more helpful we arrived to a driver from the airport and a welcome basket of food in the apartment.
Rent it here




Armistice day Valletta

Top of Malta




AMW 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Silt screw

My take on the silt screw.

I required a means of Belaying the line in a in a twisting passage without much in the way of rocks or wall projections. it did have a floor of deep ish mud/silt (geologists please feel free to wince at this description) so a silt screw was the way to go. I could have purchased a length of plastic pipe but found I had a good collection of old solar garden lights (broken).

So I fabricated this ,well OK I drilled a hole glued the two parts together and fitted a bit of string :-)

My lawn taking the part of a sump floor :-) they can be driven in as far as you are able.

You can add some weight to it (hollow) if you want (cement). So far they seem very successful although winter floods will be the true test.

Just my take on it make of it what you will as I know there are many ways of doing this.

You can buy new solar lights for a £1 although that maybe wasteful?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ardèche 2010

A good trip to the Ardèche ,well one week in the Ardèche a few days in Lyon and three days driving back to the ferry port via hotel stops . This year was just us as after twenty plus years of multi person trips we fancied a laid back trip :-) And it was both fun and laid back :-)

In 2011 we will return with a few others.

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River 5M from the house.

A good cycling area.

Bourg St Andéol

Goul du Pont
French diving team

Goul de la Tannerie

Goul de la Tannerie

Near the Font Mejanes

Font Mejanes

Bears on the water.

Font Vive
The Ranger getting me near the sites (I am getting old so I need the help). the Ranger is an indulgence as I only use it for caving trips.

Sue Vallon Pont d'Arc et les Gorges de l'Ardèche
Me Vallon Pont d'Arc

Grottes de St-Marcel d'Ardèche caving Museum free and well worth visiting

A few days in Lyon on the way home visiting Chris.

Eldest son Chris (lives in Lyon) and girl friend (Maud)

Sue and Maud in Lyon

Mont Gerbier de Jonc
Mont Gerbier de Jonc

Fosse Dionne

Roman amphitheatre
 in Bourges France