Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Arbonne-la-Forêt edge of Forêt de Fontainebleau

A visit to Arbonne-la-Forêt edge of Forêt de Fontainebleau for a few days.
Stop of for a picnic 


If visiting Arbonne-la-Forêt (or near by) try  Épicerie " Chez Belle " good regional products :-)

Even caves near by all look like digging would be possible :-) 

I am happy :-)

Mr Boar being buried !  (we rescued him from this fate).   

A sad reminder of what conflict really means, while we work together and talk we reduce that risk. The EU may not be perfect but it keeps everyone together. We leave the EU as a partner who has influence to become a vassal for more powerful countries, if some get their way.
Home time

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lot 2018

Once again a trip to the caves of the Lot.

 Over night hotel stop at Orleans (dog friendly)

A welcome beer
Base as always La Prade

Look a Landrover without an oil leak :-)
More pumping
 Gary visualising a caving trip
 Evening beer time
 The boys :-)

Me  pumping cylinders
 Gary and Phil plus telescope

 Nearly dinner time Sue and Ralf on cooking duty
 Phil and Gary packing rope for an SRT trip.

 Best place for phone reception while the world cup was on.


The Ranger in the shade (Ford Ranger the only way to travel :-) 

 Me , Nick and Ralf

 Ralf helping with the dive.



 Le Moulin du Saut

 Last nigh meal at La Calanque Gramat Me, Nick and Thomas not in shot.
 A great trip good byes with champagne :-)
Gary, Ralf, Sue, Nick, Linda, Phil, Toby, Thomas,Me.
On to the next part of the holiday.