Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wellhead resurgence and more

Wellhead resurgence and more.

With all the wet weather it was decided to look at a few sites in the Forest of Dean with prospects of a digging site.

                                                              Ever faithful Rangy
                                River high but looking at the flood debris it has been much higher. 

   On a past visit there was a sink against the bank taking water it now seems to have been filled 
                                                                 in by flood debris

                                                 Near by quarry with a small cave in it

                                                              Old shot hole in the quarry
                                             Footpath under the road to Wellhead resurgence.

                                                                           Entrance one

                           Entrance two has been dived for 2M to a slot that would need enlarging. 

                                                       Entrance three under the brambles


                                          Video of Wellhead (low quality)

                                   We may well return to look at the cave in the quarry.


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